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Kamran Hussain
August 2018

I thoroughly enjoyed the 2 days. Mark and Sam were exceptional tutors and explained everything really well. I loved the walk around Mallham and am already thinking about booking another workshop with them, the course not only helps my photography but i get to see the stunning yorkshire countryside. The second day where you get to work on the photos you take was just as useful as taking the pics. Really highly recommend anyone who wants to learn more.

Stephen Collins
August 2018

These guys are really friendly, relaxed and knowledgeable. The moment I walked in the picturesque pub at Malham I felt amongst friends, and the short briefing over coffee familiarised me with all the required settings of my camera. There was no rocket-science discussed, just the few basics of using my DSLR kit like it was meant to be used - 'human at controls' (it really is easy).

It was a beautiful sunny day and nice quiet walk to the first stop.

I was a little apprehensive that my pictures would come out like they usually do - a bit flat and drab. But following Sam & Mike's earlier briefing on how to get the most from the camera from such simple techniques paid instant results and I got some great vibrant and interesting shots.

Overall the day was amazing, and the follow-up 'post-processing' workshop on the Sunday, which showed how to process the day's shots using Lightroom & Photoshop, has changed my photography experience forever. I've spent the rest of the week going over all my old 'flat' photos and making them look amazing.

I highly rate this course for anybody wanting to improve their photography skills.

David Latham
May 2018

Was brought this as a retirement present and decided to go on the spring Malham trip. I thought I knew my way around a camera but still found plenty to learn and am very pleased with the results I got on a day that I would have regarded as unpromising weather wise. As well as being excellent photographers and patient guides Sam and Mark are good company. You’ll get to stretch your legs a bit as well. Basically a grand day out in the Yorkshire countryside. The only down side is I might now have to spend money on a tripod that actually works.

Chris Bartlett
January 2018

I attended the Bolton Abbey workshop last year and found it very informative. The guys were extremely knowledgeable and made the whole day a lot of fun. I'm sure my photos have improved and I am thinking about joining another of their workshops later in the year.

John Greenshaw
January 2018

Booked myself on the Aysgarth Falls Workshop and from being a complete novice at the start of the day by the end of the course I knew my way round my camera like I would never have believed possible, not only this during the process took some stunning pictures.

The process is learning by doing with an expert at hand to discuss every part of the process, and the guys really know their stuff.

In fact so good was the course my daughter attended the Malham Workshop with similar results, and as I have progressed I will doing another workshop in 2018 to further hone my skills.

Top training with top chaps!!

Adrian Rowe
January 2018

I've been on three workshops now with Sam and Mark, and learnt a huge amount and improved my photography immensely as a result. Their patient, expert tuition was perfect for me, and the post-processing workshop is invaluable for brushing up your Lightroom and Photoshop skills.

I can't recommend them too highly.

Steven Woulds
August 2017

Would recommend one of Natural Light Photography Workshops to anybody interested in Landscape Photography. I attended the Malham Workshop with Mark and Sam on Saturday and it turned out to be a fantastic experience. You get to visit some great locations and Mark and Sam are really helpful and enthusiastic about photography and passing on their extensive knowledge to others. The post processing session is also highly recommended.

Jill Johnson
October 2017

Amazing day at Aysgarth. Sam & Mark are fantastic tutors, knowledgeable & friendly. Came away feeling I had learnt so much. Would definitely recommend going on one of their workshops if you are interested in landscape photography. The post processing session the following day was extremely worthwhile.